Most days I feel trapped between two worlds. In the first, I am young. I am hip. I am cool. I know words like “on fleek” and “dab” and I am not afraid to use them in public. I proudly throw down my license when I buy a bottle of wine and will hide it in the back of the closet when my mom comes for a visit. I’m not that far out of high school and am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Then here comes my other world, crashing violently into the one I am trying to live. In this world, I am married and have four children that I am responsible for. I have a mortgage, which the bank made very clear they want paid each and every month and if I don’t put gas in the cars, they will leave you stranded….learned this the hard way. In this world I have to get up and go to work, follow the law, and wear pants everyday of my life. And in this crazy, mixed-up, and unfair world I have a teenage daughter who is expecting her first child which makes me….a grandma…

I am grateful that you are taking the time to read your way through my journey. Sit back and relax as I attempt to convince the whole world that I am too hot to be a grandma.