Things To Come

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My mom visited recently. She came up from sun-shiny Florida to care for me while I recovered from surgery….or at least that was the excuse she used to spend time with her new great grand-baby. Who can blame her?

I decided to take full advantage of this opportunity. You see, I’m pretty new at this grandma thing….she’s been doing it for 18 years. I figured this was a great way to look 18 years into my future.

Day 1: Picked mom up from the airport. Stopped for dinner on the way home. At the end of the meal, mom requested a sweet tea to-go. She drank the to-go sweet tea, then filled up the to-go cup with her regular glass. Why didn’t she just drink from the regular glass in the first place?

Day 2: While having dinner, mom mentioned that she had a toothache on the right side of her mouth. She then proceeded to explain that because of said toothache, she gets full faster on her left side. What???

Day 3: I had to move my car manual out of the glove box. When my husband asked me why it wasn’t in the car, I had to explain that mom needed more room for napkins and straws she had collected from restaurants.

Day 4: Mom spooks easy. Today she was swinging her feet as they dangled over the side of the bed. Completely unaware that there was a newspaper on the floor under her, she would hear the crinkling noise it made when her foot hit it, stop, and ask, “Did you hear that? Wait, it stopped.” This went on for several minutes.

Day 5: These words ACTUALLY came out of my mother’s mouth: “I love the color red. I love red cars, and red fingernails, and red hair. Oh, and I love the blood of Jesus….”

Day 6: I’ve decided to stop studying mom. It’s a little frightening and I fear some of it might rub off on me. I choose instead to enjoy each and everyday with her, and all of her quirks, and try to never take her for granted.



Love God, love my family, love writing, love public speaking, love Calhoun Ga, love Florida State Seminoles!

2 thoughts on “Things To Come

  1. Ha! I love it. You’re a genius!

    Beth Davis

    Credit Manager

    Dalyn Rug Company

    P.O. Box 1031

    Dalton, GA 30722-1031

    Phone No. 800-241-2909 Ext. 7236



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