The Bitter Truth


Today, I struggle……

Yesterday was okay, who knows where tomorrow will be, but today- I find it hard to take a breath without tears filling my eyes, threatening to fall while I sit at my desk trying to work like nothing is wrong. No one knows my struggle here, I hide that well. That’s what moms do, right? We put on our happiest smile and continue doing what we do to keep our world spinning.

You know what else moms do? We give a crap. That’s why life hurts. We don’t just raise our children- we pour our heart and soul into our children. We fight tooth-and-nail for our children. We teach them right from wrong and we spend countless hours on the floor, face-down, praying for those children. And what do we get in return? Hurt….

Told you I was struggling today……

But, through my struggle, I have learned two things.

  1. We’ve got to stop sugar-coating everything.

    I put a positive spin on every word that I speak to my children.
    You argued with a friend at school? Think of how great your friendship will be after going through a trial!
    You flunked your science exam? Now you know where to focus during study time.
    You dropped your sandwich in the dirt at the park and now the ducks are eating it? At least you still have potato chips and you’ve kept a duck from starving.
    You’re pregnant? Having a baby is a blessing and everything will work out just fine.


    Here’s the truth; the sugar-free, low carb, no fat, doesn’t taste very good truth. Your life is a complete and total mess right now. Babies, while a blessing, are a bunch of trouble. They are selfish and needy, they cry and they poop, they don’t care when you need a break. They cost a lot of money. They dictate when you sleep, when you eat, and you will forevermore base your toilet time around their sleep schedule or you will have an audience. Everything will not magically work out just fine. You will work from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed to keep things running. You will fight them on issues that you never expected to fight about like wearing high heels to soccer practice and why it is socially unacceptable to take food off of a stranger’s plate at a restaurant. They are rotten and stinky and will still steal your heart away faster than you can imagine. They will cause you to fall totally in love and leave your heart open and vulnerable. And then they will hurt you.

  2. One day you’ll look back at all you’ve been through and wish you could turn back time and go through it all over again. Because we’re moms and that’s what moms do. 



Love God, love my family, love writing, love public speaking, love Calhoun Ga, love Florida State Seminoles!

2 thoughts on “The Bitter Truth

  1. Karli, now that was a mouth full! Love the contrast of sugar-coated to the raw truth. There’s a time for being positive and a time for reality.
    Thanks for sharing your heart as you’re sharing truth for any Momma in your situation. Knees to the earth for you my “hot grandma” friend.


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