Blowing Off Steam


Alana finished school earlier than most kids her age and decided to test for her GED. She planned to stay local and attend Georgia Northwestern for a degree in Early Childhood Education. She planned to work a part-time job so that she could pay for her schooling as the need arose so as to keep from acquiring mounds of student debt.

Baby daddy graduated last year. He planned to leave for school the second week of August to attend school in Athens.

Then comes baby…


I need to pause here to provide this disclosure: Today’s post is a rant. It is a jumbled mess of angry words from a momma that is NOT a happy camper….

It happens, right? We all lose our cool at some point and can fake a smile no longer! I am going on day three without seeing my child and that smile is gone!

Alana had to find a job and she did. So, now she works- All. The. Time.

With our work schedules being polar opposites, we haven’t seen one another since Sunday night. This is much different from life pre-baby. It was probably bound to happen anyway; she is 17, and she does have her own life now, but the circumstances are just too easy to place the blame on.  

Today I want to introduce you to father-of-the-baby, one of my least favorite people at the moment. Dad played it cool for a while. He transferred schools to be closer to home, went to doctor’s appointments, and agreed to support mom and baby financially. I stuck my neck out at work and hired dad for a nice, air-conditioned, $17 an hour job. All was as well as it could be. But all was a lie.

Dad quit his job recently, without giving a notice I might add, so that he would be freed up to travel to Athens for school later this month. His reasoning….”this is his time to have fun.”

That’s reality. It’s not a fair reality but I refuse to live anywhere else besides facing what is truth. She is stuck.

Stuck with a growing belly that aches while she works nine and a half hour shifts at Burger King.

Stuck with invasive doctor’s appointments where she sits alone in stirrups with her mommy in the waiting room.

Stuck buying a crib and diapers. Stuck with $400/ month doctor bills that her minimum wage paycheck barely covers.

Stuck with the worry of what to do now when faced with the task of raising a baby alone…or at least until dad has had enough ‘fun.’


But, when it is all said and done, she will be able to hold her head high knowing that while she made her fair share of mistakes, she also did what was right and what had to be done. She can feel proud knowing that she accomplished things and put her entire heart into giving a beautiful life to the child who is no mistake. God makes no mistakes.


***On a happier note…the gender sonogram was done and I know what we’re having!!!! Gender reveal party August 13th. You can watch my fb page @KarliLandWrites for gender reveal pics!!! Leave me a comment with your guess….cupcake or stud muffin???



Love God, love my family, love writing, love public speaking, love Calhoun Ga, love Florida State Seminoles!

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